MI Paste One - Everything you need to know about this Top 100 Dental product

MI Paste ONE Toothpaste with RECALDENT™ Technology
GC America has launched its new product, MI Paste ONE to help individuals with hypersensitivity and enamel erosion. This patented formula contains a variety of high-quality ingredients that both deliver sensitivity relief instantly as well as provide a long-term option for those who want effective relief. The product was designed after MI Paste Plus as a way to deliver the same effective ingredients with just one product that can replace your everyday toothpaste. When you purchase MI Paste ONE, you can replace your existing toothpaste with a superior and highly-beneficial product. 

Reasons to Use MI Paste ONE 
MI Paste ONE has been clinically found to help with a range of dental issues and concerns. Even if you have no problems with your oral health, MI Paste ONE can help with maintaining a healthy smile and hard, cavity-free teeth and can fully replace whatever toothpaste you are currently using. However, if you plan on using MI Paste ONE, it has a myriad of benefits that can effectively relieve sensitivity and rebuild enamel that has worn or eroded. 

Here are just some of the problems that MI Paste ONE can help resolve: 

• Hypersensitivity: 
Hypersensitivity can be caused by a number of different factors. Sensitive teeth can be the result of worn enamel, gum disease which exposes the roots of the teeth, using too many bleaching products, eating acidic foods or just having weaker enamel that is more prone to enamel breakdown. With an astounding five percent of potassium nitrate, MI Paste ONE is able to relieve the throbbing sensitivity that you may feel either while drinking hot or cold beverages or throughout the day. 

• Remineralization: 
The enamel on your teeth is incredibly fragile and can break down over time with age or because of the foods and drinks that you consume. While most parts of our body can regenerate and heal themselves, the teeth are unable to do this. Once that enamel is worn down, it will not regenerate unless an effective product is used to do the job the body cannot do. MI Paste ONE is able to remineralize the enamel with bioavailable calcium and fluoride ions that penetrate the biofilm of the tooth and deep into the dentin. This provides stronger and cleaner teeth every time you use the product. 

• Tooth Erosion and Wear: 
Tooth erosion and wear happen as we age and is, unfortunately, a part of growing older. Couple the fact that it's a normal part of aging with the acidic foods and drinks that you might consume and you'll find that your teeth aren't as strong as before and are more prone to cavities. MI Paste ONE has been effective at rebuilding enamel and remineralizing the teeth to make them stronger. The product's RECALDENT™ technology is designed to help stabilize fluoride, making it an ideal ingredient combination to build fluorapatite, which ensures that the full potential of the fluoride is absorbed by the teeth. 

• Sensitivity from Whitening: 
Whitening your teeth can help you feel better about your smile and the way that it looks. Unfortunately, the harsh peroxide and baking soda can wear down the enamel and make your teeth take on an almost transparent look. While whitening products are safe to use once or twice a year, over-whitening and bleaching the teeth can cause enamel erosion and eventual breakdown. Not to mention individuals who whiten their teeth often experience severe sensitivity issues of the teeth and gums. MI Paste ONE contains five percent potassium nitrate which is an effective and prescription-strength desensitizer. 

• Preventing Cavities: 
Cavities occur with ineffective brushing and oral hygiene habits as well as using products that aren't effective at preventing decay. MI Paste One has been designed with RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP), which is a patented ingredient that helps fluoride penetrate deeper into the enamel, hardening the teeth and making them less prone to cavities. This not only saves you the pain of dealing with cavities and having to have them filled, but it also eliminates the expense of visiting your dentist for routine fillings. 

• Preventing and Reversing White Spots on Enamel: 
White spots on the teeth can be caused by any number of factors. Some factors include having braces removed, hardened plague, over-mineralization of the teeth from using low-quality fluoride products, nutritional deficiencies or certain medications. Regardless of how the white spots have formed, it can affect the way that you feel about your smile and cause you to feel self-conscious over the way that your teeth look. MI Paste One is designed to remineralize the teeth in a way that does not product over-fluoridation. Plus, the high-quality sodium fluoride has a strength of 1,100 ppm of Naf which is highly effective at preventing and reversing these unsightly white spots. 

• Preventing Dry Mouth: 
Many toothpastes on the market, especially those made with low-quality ingredients, can cause severe dry mouth that is both uncomfortable and problematic for your enamel. Your saliva is important for washing away bacteria and plague which would otherwise break down the enamel of the tooth's surface. With a delicious cool mint flavor that does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, the product does not dry out the mouth like some sensitivity relief toothpaste might. The brand is the first of its kind to use a naturally-derived milk protein which provides effective cleansing efficacy without the drying effect that you might have experienced in the past with some of the products that you have used. 

• "Soft" Teeth: 
Soft teeth can occur due to genetics, medications or health conditions and they are more prone to decay and cavities than stronger and more resilient teeth. Because of this, MI Paste ONE was designed with a specialized fluoride system that effectively hardens soft teeth so that they are less prone to cavities and breakage. This is an ideal all-around toothpaste for all of your dental needs, but it is especially ideal for those with regular dental problems. 

What is MI Paste ONE? 
MI Paste ONE is a member of the MI Paste family. It was awarded the Top 100 Products of 2018 by Dentistry Today. Because of its revolutionary one-step system, it is replacing toothpaste for many people who experience sensitivity or mineralization issues as well as those who just want a good-quality product that works well. Unlike other products, like the company's MI Paste Plus, MI Paste ONE is able to deliver this extraordinary system in just one step. Just put it on a toothbrush and brush normally for an effective and superior clean that does more than just remove plaque and food. 
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How Does the Toothpaste Work? 
The MI Paste ONE toothpaste works in a variety of different ways. For hypersensitivity, the product delivers five percent potassium nitrate, which is well known in the dental field as an effective desensitizer. Sodium fluoride and the revolutionary RECALDENT system releases fluoridation into the enamel and biofilm of the teeth to harden and remineralize your smile. The product does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which is often harsh to sensitive teeth. With a mild foaming agent, MI Paste ONE is a safe toothpaste for those with even soft, damaged or hypersensitive enamel. By purchasing MI Paste ONE, you're able to experience the effectiveness of this revolutionary system. 

Research and Studies Done on MI Paste ONE 
In a clinical study, MI Paste ONE released as many bioavailable calcium ions as MI Paste Plus and 11.6 MG more than its competitor. The product also released the same amount of phosphate ions as the Plus version as well as being 7.0 MG more than its competitor. MI Paste ONE has shown superior acid buffering capacity and ability than many other similar products on the market. Along with its effective sensitivity relief and the ability to remineralize the enamel, MI Paste ONE has also been shown to clean the tooth's surface better than competitor products. The technology in MI Paste ONE is highly recommended by dental professionals and its strength is often only found with a prescription. The product has a low Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA) of 64, which proves that it is safe and gentle on teeth while still being highly effective at cleansing. 

What are the Ingredients? 
MI Paste ONE contains a balanced amount of ingredients that are all specifically designed to promote oral health and hygiene. Sodium fluoride in a strength of 1,100 ppm of NaF helps with remineralization. Five percent potassium nitrate is specifically meant to provide instant and long-term sensitivity relief that reaches below the tooth's surface. 10 percent RECALDENT is used for remineralization and as an anti-erosion formulation. It is also effective in the prevention of dental decay and caries. Current data on file states that the toothpaste has an RDA rating of just 64, which makes it safe for people to use daily. Silica is added as a mild and low-level abrasive to effectively remove plague, dirt and bacteria. The mild foaming agent that is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate-free is a refreshing way to get teeth clean and in a healthier state. Xylitol is used as a natural and beneficial sweetener that adds to the delicious flavor of the toothpaste as well as provide the benefits that this particular ingredient is well-known for, including bone regeneration and cavity prevention. 

What is RECALDENT™ Technology? 
The MI Paste family of products is the only one to use RECALDENT technology, which has been patented by the company. With this system, a natural and milk-based protein is used to effectively release calcium, fluoride and phosphate into both the teeth and saliva. This effectively relieves sensitivity, mineralization problems as well as dry mouth. The same technology is used in MI Paste Plus, which features a two-step process of delivering the same formulation. 

What Makes MI Paste ONE Different From MI Paste Plus? 
MI Paste ONE and MI Paste Plus are apart of the same MI Paste family, however, they are both different in that MI Paste ONE is more convenient for the user. With MI Paste Plus, patients are told to brush their teeth first using their regular toothpaste. The second step is to use the MI Paste Plus gel, which delivers the same patented ingredients as MI Paste ONE. MI Paste ONE is more convenient in that it can replace your toothpaste entirely but yet still efficiently cleans, desensitizes the teeth and remineralizes your smile. All of the benefits of MI Paste Plus have been put into the MI Paste ONE product but with fewer steps, making it easier and more practical to use. Patients are also more apt to get into a routine of using MI Paste ONE because it replaces their regular toothpaste. 

Why is MI Paste ONE Recommended By Dental Professionals? 
The reason so many dental professionals recommend MI Paste ONE is because it helps to provide cleaning efficacy without being harsh to the delicate enamel. For individuals with sensitivity issues, MI Paste ONE has been proven effective because of its five percent potassium nitrate. It is also ideal for individuals who have white spots on their teeth, experience enamel erosion and those who have dry mouth due to genetics or medications they are taking regularly. For dental providers, the GC America brand of products is well-known for its superior quality, making MI Paste ONE an ideal addition to your office and a great choice for patients in need of a better toothpaste. 

What Can You Expect with MI Paste ONE Toothpaste? 
MI Paste ONE works in a variety of different ways and can be used by patients over 12 years old. When using MI Paste ONE on a regular basis, you can expect healthier and stronger teeth that are less sensitive or not sensitive at all. Dry mouth may also be a thing of the past thanks to the patented ingredients within the MI Paste ONE product. The large size tube will last users quite a while before needing to be replaced, making it a convenient and handy product to have at home. For dental professionals, you can expect a happier and healthier patient who has a brighter and more resilient smile. 

Who Can Use MI Paste ONE? 
MI Paste ONE is specifically meant for people over the age of 12 and is especially ideal for older folks who might have issues with soft and weaker teeth. Because MI Paste ONE can replace your regular toothpaste, it is a good choice for those who are pressed for time and want a high-quality product that is similar to the MI Paste Plus system but without all of the additional steps. Anyone can use MI Paste ONE, even if no dental issues are present. Because it is an effective product that keeps teeth strong, it can either help to remineralize weakened teeth or it can help to keep already-strong teeth resilient to damage. A dental professional can also determine if you need to use MI Paste ONE due to any dental problems you might be experiencing. You can purchase MI Paste ONE to begin experiencing the benefits today. 

How to Properly Use the Toothpaste 
The best way for you to use MI Paste ONE is to put a small pea-sized amount onto your toothbrush. Whether you use a power toothbrush or a manual one, you should brush for at least two minutes and then spit the excess out. In order for the patented ingredients in MI Paste ONE to penetrate the enamel, it is recommended that you only spit out the excess once you're finished brushing and do not rinse with water. You should then wait 30 minutes to eat or drink anything, as this gives the product enough time to fully release its active ingredients and benefit the teeth and mouth. It is recommended to brush at least twice a day, both morning and night or as directed by a dentist. Because MI Paste ONE has a low-level abrasive, it is safe to use daily and will not be harsh on delicate tooth surfaces. 

Proper Diagnosis 
Tooth sensitivity, dry mouth, and white spots are all common dental issues that dental professionals see regularly. However, these problems do not necessarily mean that there is not an underlying issue. In this case, it is important that patients first see a dentist for a full examination and assessment to determine if there is a cause for the problems that they are experiencing. Only then can MI Paste ONE be recommended, as it helps to determine if there is a more major issue before a toothpaste is prescribed as a way to help. Keep in mind that if sensitivity persists even after using MI Paste ONE for four weeks, it is important to receive a diagnosis from a dental professional. 

With its effective and highly beneficial list of ingredients, MI Paste ONE has become a wonder product for those who are dealing with tooth sensitivity, weakened or eroded enamel, white spots as well as dry mouth. It can replace the MI Paste Plus system because it delivers the same ingredients in just one product. It replaces patients' toothpaste with a product that is made using a high-quality and tested formulation. Whether it is used for sensitivity relief, relief of dry mouth or enamel restoration, MI Paste ONE is an extraordinary product to purchase and keep in the house and can be a great choice for everyone in the family.