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      Fluoridex Preventive Dental Products

      Are tired of using over the counter dental hygiene and preventive products which fail to meet their tall claims? Don’t worry, we have got the perfect solution for you. Fluoridex by Denmat offers a wide range of prescription strength anti-hypersensitivity and teeth whitening products which combine efficacy, safety, and innovation. Continue reading to find out what Fluoridex products can do for you.

      Why are Fluoridex Products so Special?

      Unlike other over the counter dental hygiene products, Fluoridex products contain prescription-strength ingredients. This means that they are much more effective in preventing teeth cavities and to reduce the sensitivity of the teeth. Fluoridex products contain sodium f luoride or stannous fluoride, which have been shown to be highly effective in making the teeth resistant against cavities and acid attack, by making them stronger. Some of the Fluoridex products also contain Potassium Nitrate which helps in calming the nerves and reducing sensitivity against hot and cold foods.

      The Range of Fluoridex Products

      Fluoridex by Denmet offers a wide product line which provides a variety of preventive and aesthetic dental functions:

      1.       Fluoridex® Daily Renewal Oral Rinse – Clean Mint

      This daily mouth rinse contains 0.63% stannous fluoride which provides prescription strength activity against teeth cavities and tooth sensitivity and is provided in an 8.4 oz bottle. Before use, the mouth rinse has to be diluted according to the given instructions so that the final concentration of stannous fluoride comes down to 0.02%. In addition to its preventive role, the Fluoridex daily renewal rinse comes in a clear mint flavor which makes sure that your breath remains fresh throughout the day. Regular use of the Fluoridex daily oral rinse provides the following beneficial effects:

      • Kills the bacteria which cause teeth cavities
      • Makes the teeth stronger and more resistant against acid attack and demineralization, thereby reducing cavities
      • Remineralization of the teeth
      • Protection against tooth sensitivity


      2.       Fluoridex® Sensitivity Relief Toothpaste

      This fluoride packed sensitivity relief toothpaste combines the anti-caries effect of 1.1% Sodium fluoride with the sensitivity relief function of 5% potassium nitrate. A unique feature about this toothpaste is that it contains 5000 parts per million (ppm) of fluoride concentration, which is about 5 times more than the other kinds of toothpaste available in the market. which contains about 5 times more fluoride content than other toothpaste which is available in the market.

      • Fluoridex® Sensitivity Relief Toothpaste – Clean Mint – offered in a 4 oz tube and a refreshing clean mint flavor, this toothpaste inhibits teeth cavities and promotes remineralization of the teeth. Read Fluoridex Sensitivity Relief Reviews
      • Fluoridex® SLS Free Sensitivity Relief Toothpaste – this toothpaste is specifically designed for individuals who are sensitive to sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS); a common ingredient of the toothpaste. This toothpaste is perfect for individuals who experience oral ulcers and dry mouth (xerostomia) with SLS-containing dentifrices.

       Who Can Benefit from this Product?

      The Fluoridex® sensitivity relief toothpaste is ideal for the following dental problems:

      • Sensitivity relief
      • Prevention of dental cavities
      • Remineralization of teeth


      3.       Fluoridex® Daily Defense Toothpaste - Clean Mint

      This is a daily use fluoride toothpaste which contains 1.1% sodium fluoride. This maximum fluoride concentration is effective in the prevention of teeth cavities and reduction in tooth sensitivity. It is available in a 4 oz tube with a clean mint flavor. Read Fluoridex Daily Defense Reviews

      Who can Benefit from this Product?

       The Fluoridex Daily Defense toothpaste is ideal for people with following dental problems:

      • People who have a very high caries index
      • Root Caries
      • dry mouth/ reduced salivary flow, which increases chances of development of teeth cavities.


      4.       Fluoridex® Enhanced Whitening Toothpaste – Clean Mint

      This toothpaste combines the remineralization and anti-caries effect of 1.1% sodium fluoride with the teeth whitening effect of silica particles. So, it not only maintains your oral hygiene but its regular use will also ensure that you have pearly white, beautiful teeth. This toothpaste comes in 4 oz tube and has a clear mint flavor to keep your breath fresh throughout the day. Read Fluoridex Enhanced Whitening Reviews

      Who can Benefit from this Product?

      The Fluoridex® enhanced whitening toothpaste is ideal for the following dental issues:

      • For getting rid of teeth, coffee or tobacco stains
      • To enjoy a pearly white smile
      • If you want to maintain optimal oral hygiene while having milky white teeth.


      The Fluoridex® products are highly effective in oral hygiene maintenance and prevention of various dental problems. However, it must be kept in mind that the Fluoridex® products contain very high, prescription strength anti-caries and anti-sensitivity ingredients. Therefore, you should always use them in accordance with the manufacturer’s and your dentist’s instructions.

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