Tooth Sensitivity/MI Paste Plus


      MI Paste Plus

      If you are unable to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, or a scoop of your favorite ice-cream because of sensitive teeth, then we offer you the perfect solution; The MI Paste Plus by GC.

      What is MI Paste Plus?

      A premium product of the MI Paste family MI Paste Plus offers a quick and innovative solution for treatment of tooth sensitivity. It contains all essential nutrients and minerals which are necessary for making teeth stronger and less sensitive to temperature fluctuations in the oral cavity.

      How MI Paste Plus Works?

      Under normal conditions, these essential minerals are continuously being replenished in the teeth through the saliva. However, in certain situations such as poor oral hygiene maintenance and excessive intake of acidic foods, the remineralization, and buffering potential of the saliva is greatly reduced. As a result, a greater amount of minerals is lost from the teeth which makes the outer enamel layer weak and porous. Ultimately, the underlying dentine and pulp are exposed, and the teeth become sensitive to the intake of hot or cold food items. The MI Paste Plus replenishes essential nutrients and minerals in the teeth and makes them stronger and less sensitive.

      What Makes the MI Paste Plus So Special?

      The MI Paste Plus works in multiple ways to prevent teeth cavities and tooth sensitivity:

      • RECALDENT – this is a natural protein known as Casein Phosphopeptide – amorphous calcium phosphate (CPP-ACP), which is found in cow’s milk. This protein provides a sustained release of calcium and phosphate ions to the tooth and helps in the repair of patches of dental enamel which have been become damaged or demineralized as a result of teeth cavities and intake of acidic foods.
      • Protective Function – teeth become sensitive to temperature changes when the nerve endings inside the dentine and pulp are exposed to the oral environment. The MI Paste Plus prevents tooth sensitivity by protecting and blocking these nerve endings.
      • Fluoride – to provide enhanced protection against teeth cavities and sensitivity, the MI Paste Plus also contains fluoride in a concentration which is safe for at-home use (900 ppm). Fluoride ions penetrate the enamel layer of the teeth, reinforce its crystal structure, and make the enamel more resistant to acid and bacterial attack.  

      How is MI Paste Plus Different from MI Paste?

      The MI Paste contains CPP-ACP as the main active ingredient, which is sufficient for protecting the teeth. In contrast, the MI Paste contains an additional active agent; fluoride, which further enhances the anti-caries and anti-sensitivity of this paste.

      Who can Benefit from MI Paste Plus?

      The MI Paste is available for professional and at-home usage. If you are using it at home, simply take a pea-sized quantity of this paste and apply it on your teeth with clean cotton or gloved fingers. For professional use, your dentist will use professional trays which can be worn over the teeth. These trays are filled with MI Paste and you will be asked to wear them for some time.

      You can benefit from the MI Paste Plus if you have:

      •  Sensitive teeth
      • Excessive teeth cavities
      • Excessive tooth erosion or wear
      • A habit of excessively grinding your teeth during the day or night
      • Sensitive teeth after whitening
      • White spot lesions on your teeth
      • Teeth which are at a higher risk of getting cavities because of congenital deformity

      The MI Paste Plus is everything you need to fight cavities and tooth hypersensitivity. It is completely safe for use in the oral cavity. Moreover, it is a sugar-free paste which provides further safety and protection to your teeth. Try it today and say hello to a healthy, strong and beautiful set of teeth with MI Paste and MI Paste Plus. 

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