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PolaNight is a professional tooth-whitening system for home use. PolaNight 10 contains 10% carbamide peroxide—the lowest concentration in the PolaNight line—for gentle whitening that's still highly effective. This professional-grade whitening treatment offers additional benefits: minimized sensitivity and a reduction in plaque formation and tooth decay. You'll have a smile that's not only beautiful, but healthy, too!

PolaNight 10 is a professional tooth-whitening system that you can use at home. You'll get the same results that you would from an in-office treatment. You can see a difference in as little as two hours, or you can wear your trays overnight for convenience and enhanced whitening.

What do I get?

Each pack of PolaNight 10 contains four syringes of whitening gel. One syringe contains enough gel for one treatment.

PolaNight 10 has a pleasant, long-lasting spearmint flavor for an enjoyable whitening experience.

All products from Dental Health Essentials have the latest expiration dates. We store every item in a temperature-controlled environment for freshness.

How do I use it?

PolaNight 10 is a high-viscosity gel that's easy to work with and resists leaking. You use PolaNight in conjunction with trays that are custom-fit by your dentist. Depending on the design of your trays, you can squeeze a small drop of gel into each tooth compartment, or apply a thin line along the entire tray, aiming it toward the front. Use half of the syringe in the upper tray and half in the lower tray.

Insert the trays into your mouth, pressing lightly to ensure that the gel contacts each tooth. Wipe any excess gel from your gums with a tissue, cotton swab, or clean, dry toothbrush. Leave your trays in for two hours or while you sleep.

After your treatment time is over, remove the trays. Rinse your mouth with lukewarm water. Rinse out your trays and let them dry thoroughly before storing them. Brush your teeth with a gentle toothpaste. Finally, enjoy your new smile!

For more information, visit http://www.sdi.com.au/images/stories/instructions/instructions_pdf/pola_D_N/in_pola_D_N_en.pdf

Be sure to keep your remaining syringes of PolaNight 10 in a cool, dark place to maintain effectiveness. Do not use the product after the expiration date has passed.

Is it safe?
Yes! The active ingredient in PolaNight 10 is carbamide peroxide, a tested and proven whitening agent. Australian manufacturer Pola has formulated PolaNight for maximum safety and comfort. Sensitivity is reduced by

  • A special desensitizing ingredient
  • Fluoride, which strengthens enamel
  • A high water content, which keeps enamel hydrated
  • A thickening agent, which keeps the gel from drying out and becoming uncomfortably tacky
  • A neutral pH
  • Soothers and conditioners

If your teeth are sensitive, first try using PolaNight 10 for just two hours. If you have no adverse reactions, then you can try the overnight treatment the next time you whiten.

Keep in mind that professional-grade whitening treatments do not need to contact the entire surface of each tooth. The enamel will absorb the whitening gel, and your teeth will whiten evenly. Gum irritation is a risk of improper whitening. By refraining from overfilling your trays and resisting the urge to push the gel into your teeth, you can protect your gums and feel better about your whitening experience.

Try PolaNight 10 for gentle, effective whitening!

With PolaNight 10, you can choose a two-hour treatment or overnight whitening. Either way, you'll get teeth that are as healthy as they are bright!

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Customer Reviews

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Why Can't I Contact DentalHealth?

Ordered Three 4-packs of 10% syringes. When they arrived, they were all EXPIRED. I called the number listed for Questions/Concerns, got a recording asking me to leave a message, which I did, twice. I also emailed 2 different addresses given on website. BOTH emails came back as Undeliverable. I appreciate this opportunity to give feedback. I would happily exchange these for syringes that were NOT expired, but I can't reach anyone to do it. I am ready to challenge the charge, at this point.

Adrien B.
Dont receive the order

I didnt receive the order

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