Philips Zoom DayWhite 14%
Philips Zoom DayWhite 14%

Philips Zoom DayWhite 14%

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Contains 3 syringes of 14% Hydrogen Peroxide Zoom whitening gel with mint flavor.

Maximum sensitivity relief formula will minimize or completely eliminate tooth sensitivity associated with the teeth whitening procedures.

WEAR TIME: 30 mins daily.

Directions are included in the packaging.

The most dramatic results for a whiter smile can easily be achieved with Philips Zoom 14% Day White.

The product contains three syringes of 14% hydrogen peroxide whitening, featuring an extremely attractive mint flavor that most women can't resist. The mint flavor is the preferred choice among women since it promotes optimal smelling breath. If the flavor of the whitening product had an unattractive taste, many women would not want to use this treatment. They would simple search for an effective whitening gel elsewhere.

Known as one of Phillips strongest take-home whitening treatments, the product features one key ingredient: amophorous calcium phosphate. The ingredient ensures that the product works faster than ever while controlling for sensitivity. Due to this great ingredient, Philips Zoom 14% Day White offers a healthier and brighter smile in only two weeks. For the convenience of the consumer, the product is distributed in a 2.4-ml syringe can give them more control over the amount of gel that they use.

Philips Zoom 14% Day White is great for people who prefer a minimal wear time as they only need to wear the trays thirty minutes each day. There are many other whitening products that require a wear time of two to four hours or even overnight, so this product definitely beats other whitening treatments on the market. Because of the minimal wear time, Philips Zoom 14% Day White is definitely the ideal choice for busy moms who are always driving kids around or professional women who maintain a stressful career. These women often do not have time to worry about whitening treatments because they have more pressing matters on their hands. Lucky for them, Philips Zoom 14% Day White makes whitening their teeth easy. Just ask any mom or professional woman who had used this product, and she'll probably say that the whitening treatment was extremely convenient and easy to use.

Any whitening gel works best according to its intended usage, and this one isn't any different. That's why the manufactures have included the directions in the product's packaging. Consumers of the product should make sure that they follow the directions to obtain the best results. If the consumers have any questions about the product, they shouldn't hesitate to contact the manufacturer. The contact information of the manufacturer is conveniently located on the packaging.

The product is the ideal whitening treatment for women who would like to whiten their teeth quickly and effectively. There are no known cons to using the product, but they should always use the product according to the directions. After frequent use, women will notice that they will turn heads as they walk down the street. Coworkers and friends may start to comment and notice their whiter teeth. It may even lead to more job opportunities or love interests. There are few other products on the market that can offer these amazing benefits in a safe manner. Don't forget that the delicious taste of the product is also a major reason why people choose this gel over other ones!

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Philips Zoom DayWhite 14%

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