Boil and Bite Teeth Whitening Trays
Boil and Bite Teeth Whitening Trays

Boil and Bite Teeth Whitening Trays

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Boil and Bite Teeth Whitening Trays are an affordable way to whiten your teeth at home. These trays are a great alternative to the professionally made trays that dentists offer. Our trays are made from a long-lasting, FDA-approved material. Quickly customize Boil and Bite Teeth Whitening Trays and be on your way to a whiter smile!

  • Custom bleaching trays at home in less than 1 minute
  • 3 trays with instructions
  • FDA-approved material

Boil and Bite Teeth Whitening Trays cost a fraction of what you'd pay to get custom trays from your dentist. These clear trays are made of a material that softens quickly in very hot water. Once the trays are soft, it's easy to make an impression of your teeth in the material. After you've customized both upper and lower trays to your own mouth, you can add your choice of whitening agent and proceed with your at-home whitening treatment.

What do I get?

You'll get 3 Boil and Bite Teeth Whitening Trays:

  • 1 upper
  • 1 lower
  • 1 spare

You'll also get instructions on how to customize and use your trays.

How do I use it?

The basic steps for customizing your Boil and Bite Teeth Whitening Trays are as follows:

  1. Boil water in a heat-resistant container.
  2. Dip a tray into the hot water and wait 5 seconds. Be careful not to touch the water with your fingers.
  3. Remove the tray as soon as you see it start to lose shape.
  4. Insert the tray into your mouth and leave it in place for about 10 seconds.
  5. Use scissors to trim the part of the tray that covers your gum line and cut off the tab.
  6. Repeat with the second tray.

Please keep in mind that the full instructions are much more detailed. Do not use Boil and Bite Teeth Whitening Trays without reading the instructions that are included with your purchase.

Is it safe?
Yes. As mentioned, each tray is made from an FDA-approved material. Care must be taken when boiling water, immersing the trays, and placing the warm trays into your mouth. Please consult the full instructions for proper use. Read the instructions thoroughly before customizing your Boil and Bite Teeth Whitening Trays.

Also, remember to always keep tooth whitening products away from your gums and the other soft tissues of your mouth. Don't overfill your trays or coat your teeth completely with bleach. The whitening agent doesn't need to contact the entire surface of your teeth in order to work. Be sure to read and follow the instructions included with your chosen whitening product.

Bleach your teeth affordably at home with Boil and Bite Teeth Whitening Trays!

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Customer Reviews

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Aly S.
Work well with Mi Paste

These are pretty standard "boil and bite" trays like you can find in a convenience store. The price is comparable as well. These work well with Mi Paste and have lasted a long time for me.

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